The art of musical beds and the Bruno Mattress

Bar the odd night where Ophelia actually sleeps the whole night through in her own bed (a mattress on the floor beneath Talitha’s cabin bed), our nights usually involve a game of musical beds with almost any configuration possible.

If Laurence is away, the girls are in bed with me, one plastered to each side. This usually involves me trying to maneuver my arm away from under Ophelia’s head and turn towards Talitha because she actually does have some body awareness of my bump.

If he’s here, it could be that Ophelia wakes and he lies with her in her bed then comes back to ours or spends the rest of the night there. If she wakes and he doesn’t hear her, she automatically goes to my side of the bed and I lack the willpower to do anything but lift her into ours and stick her in between us.

If Talitha has a nightmare, she winds up on his side of the bed.

If the early morning sun wakes both of them up because we forgot to shut the door – and we’re lucky enough that they both accept that they’re still tired – they might both end up in our bed.

Too many nights, we all end up falling asleep at 7pm, Laurence in Talitha’s bed and I in Ophelia’s bed.

Anything is possible.

So, the basic takeaway tip from all this is that we need to make sure all the mattresses in our house are as comfortable and high quality as possible so that musical beds doesn’t end up being something any of us (mainly the parents, granted) wind up regretting.

Bruno Mattress 13

We will be looking to replace at one of the girls’ mattresses at some point and it’s been interesting to hear recently from a small self-funded Berlin based start-up called Bruno Interior GmbH, who have created the Bruno Mattress. The mattress is doing well in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands and France, and now Bruno has recently launched here in the UK.

What mostly interested me about Bruno is their commitment to using sustainable materials and to ensuring fair and environmentally friendly production, from their organically farmed latex (which is naturally hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial), to their family owned and run fabric manufacturer. Sounds pretty good, right? They also deliver in vacuumed-packed boxed, which cuts out energy wastage involved in traditional mattress stores.

In terms of comfort, the mattress offers 7-Zone Support, promoting a healthier spinal alignment and comes with removable quilted cover top for added softness and easy washing.

So tell me, what does family sleep look like in your house?

In association with Bruno