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Having had a lot of fun trying out Sprout by HP, a new creative desktop that offers so many possibilities with it’s touch screen mat and 3D scanner, we worked on a little stop motion as a festive family activity one Sunday afternoon. So, here’s the big reveal. Hopefully it makes you smile and puts you in the mood for the season. Merry Christmas! For more about Sprout by HP, take a look here. PS: Let me know what you think of it! Post in association with Hewlett Packard Get

The Sprout by HP feature we were most excited about trying out was the ability to create a stop motion animation. We thought this would be particularly cool for Talitha to do with Laurence. Feeling festive, we grabbed our nesting doll nativity set (from Tigerlilly Quinn’s shopped – closed now but do check out her blog as there’s so much pretty over there) since we wanted to make something with a Christmas theme. The downside of this was that they are rounded so didn’t stay in position on the mat.

We’ve been getting to know the new Sprout by HP for the last few weeks. It’s a desktop PC which comes with a mat that acts as a second touch screen and, using the scanner above the conventional screen, allows you to capture objects in 3D. Sprout by HP’s main focus is capturing, creating and editing photos and video, allowing you to simply move objects around, cut around them and generally bring the physical and digital together. As a blogger, I have to try my hand at a lot of

Argos has revealed their top toys for Christmas 2015 and we were one of their toy testing families. We chose to try out the Chad Valley 3 Storey Summer Winter Dolls House. Talitha immediately made the connection with Frozen and said it reminded her of Queen Elsa’s ice castle. In fact, her Elsa plush doll and Sylvanian family rabbits moved right in. This house is actually sized for Barbie-sized dolls, though, I’d say. We were toying with the idea of giving her a Lottie doll, which would work well in

Earlier this year, Talitha had a super hero party to go to. As we talked about who she could go as, we realised that she wasn’t familiar with many female super heroes. I mean, the super hero thing isn’t hugely on her radar even now but she at least had some awareness of characters like Batman. More recently, she’s started donning a cape, flying about and saving people. I don’t think that she’s particularly thinking of herself in gender when she’s playing these games but I’ve felt that if she

For weeks, Talitha has been excited about our Christmas tree delivery on December 1st. Its promise proved a potent pick-me-up when she started to get the blues about our holiday in Madeira coming to a close. The day after we got back, a friend took her to a home ed group and I dropped Ophelia to her childminder, dashing back to await the exciting delivery from Pines and Needles (tracking is available if you live in London but it’s not an option for Bristol deliveries just yet). When both got

That time’s rolled around again to look back at what we’ve been up to as a home educating family. This has been a month of contrasts. At the start of the month, we got up to quite a lot of in terms of organised activities but things got looser as the days passed as I’ve not been feeling well and Ophelia’s going through a rough patch sleepwise. Actually, that mix suited us just fine. That’s one of the brilliant things about home educating, slowing down is not a problem when

The moment Talitha woke up this morning, before she’d even got out of bed, she asked in the dark (I was still in the bed beneath with Ophelia), “Mummy, can me and Effie open our Advent calendars?” In years past, I’ve made intricate calendars like this toilet roll tree, complete with an activity planned for each day and a Bible passage. This year, I spotted standard chocolate Advent calendars at a fundraising fair for Easton Jubilee Trust, a non-profit organisation my brother and my sister-in-law are involved in, and I

I’ve mentioned here before that we got our cats just before we had our first baby, Talitha. Maybe it was a hormonal thing but I just desperately wanted pets. Already at home on my maternity leave, I loved having them around and it was a good time getting those little kittens settled into our home. When PetPlan, the UK pet insurer with an impressive history of working with animal rehoming charities, asked me to share a memory that marks how important our cats are to our family, quite a few

We’ve just finished a happy romp through the wonderfully bizarre world of Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Having realised from page one that this chapter book was going to be a hit, I gathered a few ideas for activities we could try alongside it. For my four-year-old, it was delightful to dig deeper into the experience of the story. For my 21-month-old, it meant she didn’t keep trying to pull the book out of my hand or take me some place else. Make a family tree The book

We’ve unashamedly got the Christmas feeling around here. Virgin Experience Days has asked me a few questions about what makes the lead up to the big day exciting in our home, so that’s probably got me feeling even more festive. When does Christmas start? I think Christmas officially starts for me in November. That’s when I start itching to listen to parang (Christmas folk music from Trinidad and Tobago) because it would already be on the radio by then at home. We’ve been listening to parang since Bonfire Night and

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