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Yesterday I did a little Caribbean Carnival intro as a theme for our home education co-op. It was a bit of a random time as Nottinghill Carnival had already been and St Paul’s Carnival was downsized to a celebration this year (and had already been). But hey ho. Also, I’m not sure I really nailed it as a theme though we did have fun. Perhaps we could have done with a circle time or videos. Certainly, I’d have liked to have included some tropical fruit or Caribbean snacks. In future,

My parents visited us from Trinidad over the summer holidays and the girls especially relished the time with their doting grandparents. My mother must have read Talitha hundreds of books. Among them was the Jake and Tizzy collection, a series of books aimed at equipping parents and professionals supporting preschoolers with language delay. To Talitha, they were just delightful stories but I figured my mother, as a special educational needs teacher would have good insight into what else might be going on here. Here’s her review. ‘“Let’s read this, Nana!”

It was our sixth wedding anniversary on Saturday. We’re not great at doing much to celebrate it. Twice we made a huge effort. On our first we went glamping in Pembrokeshire. Come to think of it, that’s the only anniversary we’ve had sans kiddos. Hadn’t realised that until about now. Another time we went to Harptree Court, mainly because we were expecting Ophelia and it was a last/first chance to spend a night just the two of us before starting the newborn thing all over again. But we’re pretty sure

So Laurence is humouring me by appearing in style post on this here blog. It’s actually not so much a favour since he’s done quite well out of it, scoring this stylish JORD watch, which he really likes. After looking through their range of Men’s Wooden Watches he chose this one because he preferred the muted colours and simple shape. He’s not into fussy watches. I asked him to comment on what it’s been like, having worn it for a couple of weeks and he mentioned that it’s quite light,

Last week, instead of Talitha starting school, we sort of “officially” started our home education journey as a family. We’re calling it “homeschool” for her benefit and we’ve made a fuss of her starting something new since she was asking lots of questions about friends who were going to school and wondering why she wasn’t. Fortunately, she has lots of friends who are home educated, which makes the whole thing a lot simpler. She’s been excited, every morning asking if she can do her “homeschool” today. Essentially, I’ve just been

Tomorrow is our wedding anniversary. Was it really six years ago that my arms and hands were covered in mehndi, my lengha hanging in the cupboard, ready for a walk down a country church aisle? I barely slept that night or many of the ones before it. I remembered this when we wondered how one of Laurence’s cousins might be feeling in the lead up to her own wedding earlier this summer. Looking back, I doubt I’d change anything about our wedding day. Perhaps we could have spent less money

I remember asking on a Caribbean bloggers group a few years ago for Caribbean book suggestions for young children, especially the preschool bunch. Lots of mentions of Brer Rabbit and Anansi were thrown in but nothing came up that I felt really suited kids under five. Still, between my mother and I (she always has an eye out for Caribbean books and music, keen for her grandchildren to keep their ties with Trinidad and Tobago) we’ve managed to furnish our playroom with a few. So, in case you’re looking for

Every now and then we have a little daydream about what we’d like the future to look like. Maybe we’d live somewhere more rural, I’d write a book, Laurence would start his own business and get out from spending his days behind a desk. We talk about bucket list items like treks and trips. But really, as unsexy as it sounds, nothing beats the dream of one day being completely debt-free. We probably have the same financial ties as most people but wouldn’t it be glorious to one day wave

Talitha was invited to a superhero party earlier this month. After looking around for some superhero costume inspiration, she decided to make up her own superhero, Purple Girl. Apparently Purple Girl wears a crown and cape and turns things into purple ice. Sound like anyone to you?! You can create your own ultimate super hero with a fun name, look, powers and more to enter to win a Warner Bros toy gift set. Enter using the Rafflecopter widget below. Warner Bros has put out lots of new videos, including favorites

Talitha turned four in June. She would have been starting Reception at school this week. She isn’t going to. We didn’t apply for a school place. We started talking about home educating early in my pregnancy with her. It was something that had appealed to me for a long time. I knew homeschooling families and was not exactly thrilled with my own school experience. Laurence, on the other hand, had gone to boarding school and looked back on it mostly fondly. So he took a little time to come around

Last week Friday, Laurence took the day off work to hang out with us since his brother was visiting us from Thailand. We set out with not a lot planned but ended up taking advantage of a lot of what Bristol has to offer. We started off with a trip to Hoo Haa! Festival at Colston Hall to see a crazy one-man musical and make a building to contribute to a cardboard city. It was our second day at the festival and I’ve blogged about the whole thing here. White

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