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I am one of those crazy babywearing mamas who gets all emotional when I see babies in slings. Learning to carry a newborn in a sling is one of the most freeing, empowering and connected experiences out there. I tentatively grew to love it the first time around but the second time was no slow burn love. I was utterly, heart-soaringly hooked. A stretchy wrap is a wonderful way to get started. It doesn’t matter what body shape you are or how “technical” you are, with a bit of practice

I’ve been wanting to share this carrier with you for ages (about a year now, in fact!) but am only getting to it now. It’s a podaegi, a carrier style that originated in Korea. Basically, it’s a blanket with two straps attached – a lot like a mei tai but without the waist strap. It was originally a much-loved Storchenwiege Leo wrap my parents gave me for my birthday when I was seven months pregnant with Talitha. I then had it converted into a podaegi so I could carry two-year-old

I do love trying a new sling, especially if there’s a funky print involved. Rockin’ Baby® sent me one of their reversible print ring slings and the timing could not have been better. Ring slings are my preferred choice for hot weather since they’re single layered and easy to pop on and off. This beauty arrived the day before our flight to Trinidad. It’s a well-made carrier with a vibrant print and comfy fabric that washes well. There’s a little pocket sewn in that could fit your keys and a

Ergobaby sent me their 360 to try and I’ve been wearing it pretty much solidly for the past month. Laurence has been using it in the evenings too. It was in time for all this hot weather we’ve been having, where reaching for a wrap just hasn’t appealed. I’ve put together a brief video to give you the quick and dirty on what I think of the Ergobaby 360. It’s only two minutes and is the first video I’ve edited in a long time. Although I’m leaving the Circus Queen

I can scarcely believe that today will make it four whole weeks since Ophelia’s birth. In one sense, I think: “It can’t have been that long ago?” but it’s also already beginning to feel like she’s always been with us. I wonder whether Talitha remembers much about life before her. She probably does. Though we’ve had the beginnings of a routine with Laurence going back to work, things aren’t exactly settled yet. It still feels like we’re in transition and I’m sure she feels it too. As for little Ophelia!

We started wearing Talitha in a stretchy wrap when she was four-weeks-old. Ophelia was in it at fourteen hours. We knew that babywearing would play a big part in our parenting style this time around. It made life much easier with Talitha and it does such good things for babies to be held closely and carried – a lot! I’d had a free consultation off Katie from Carry Me Slings on toddler wearingover a year ago, back when she was finishing her babywearing consultant training. I was keen to have

The night a pregnancy test confirmed that the exhaustion I was suffering was down to a new baby and I wasn’t in fact dying, we had to make a quick decision about whether to tell Talitha right away. I seriously considered Googling “tell two year old about new baby” to see what other parents had done but in the end we decided to just go with our gut instinct. It just seemed right to tell her. “Mummy has a baby in her tummy,” we said. She smiled and cheekily replied:

I recently gave the Ergo Stowaway baby carrier a test drive and am finally getting my act together to tell you about it. Hence the many, MANY layers we are wearing in these photos. I know, I’m boiling just looking at them! Anyway, it’s a really clever piece of kit. When I took out of the box it looked so flimsy I thought that there’s no way I’d comfortably carry my heavy toddler in it (she was nearly two when I tried it) or that she’d feel supported enough to

A friend invited me to come along to her Sing and Sign class back when Talitha was nine months or so, I think. I went along mainly because it sounded like a fun structured thing Bristol offered and because I wanted to spend more time with my friend. I wasn’t too sure about baby sign language, mind. I mean, would it actually work? Most of the way through the course, Talitha wasn’t signing at all. When I saw other babies in the class sign, their gestures seemed more like approximations

When the weather gets colder, babywearers across the forums and online groups start asking each other how they dress themselves and their babies for winter. The standard answer is usually: a babywearing coat. There’s no question that a babywearing coat is the ideal solution to the problem, especially if you’re back carrying with a woven wrap. It allows you to get everything nice and tight without the bulk of many layers between you and your baby, your body heat helps to regulate your baby’s and you don’t end up looking

I started carrying Talitha on my back in our ERGObaby Performance Edition carrier when she was eight months old, around the time she started crawling. For some reason, I just didn’t feel comfortable doing it before then. Actually, the wait worked well for us. Although ERGObaby’s instructions say you can wear babies on your back when they can sit, I recently heard a babywearing consultant say that they shouldn’t be on your back in a carrier like that until they can sit up (as in, get themselves into a seated

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