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We bought the ERGObaby Performance edition last Christmas just before flying out to Trinidad. I begged to have it as my Christmas present. Laurence called me boring but it’s been one of the most useful bits of baby kit we’ve owned. It’s practically an extension of us. I’ve been getting more into wrapping recently but having a quality structured carrier has been worth far more than what we spent on it. At any rate, Laurence is unwilling to wrap, preferring the ease and buckles of the ERGO. That’s fine. I

We’ve just come to the end of day nine of Talitha’s mystery illness. A sick baby on holiday – not exactly planned for. A paediatrician I spoke to over the phone thinks it’s a minor virus. Up until day three I thought she was teething. With not a swollen gum in sight and an unrelenting fever, it was pretty clear something else has been going on. She seems to be getting better now but she’s gone hoarse, so we’ll be calling the doctor again tomorrow. It’s a cute sound –

Scared to fly with a baby A week ago I did something I’d sworn I’d never do again – take a baby on a plane. On my own. I didn’t even blog about the last time I did it, when she was six months old, because it really was that awful. At fourteen months it could only be worse. OK, no, I take that back. It could have been much worse the time before. She didn’t cry the whole way but she was on the verge a lot of the

The three of us were sitting in the living room a couple of nights ago, catching up on the day before the bedtime routine. Talitha was playing with her daddy’s keys. Then she stood up without holding on to anything. “That’s a milestone, you know,” said Laurence, in awe of what she’d just done. I tried to say it as sensitively as I could: “She’s been doing that for a while, actually.” Darn it, how do I keep forgetting to tell him about these things? Then suddenly she took a

I’m over at the Mums and Me blog raving about babywearing, as usual… I didn’t start off planning to wear my baby. I researched, tested and bought an expensive buggy that my daughter cruelly rejected. My idle dreams of parking it next to a bench where I’d gaze indulgently over her sleeping form were replaced by the reality that she just hated the thing. Instead she spent her first six months mainly tied to my chest in a stretchy wrap. It’s been nothing like I’d imagined before she was born.

While I know people who’ve worn their babies in stretchy wraps all the way into toddlerhood, I packed mine in when Talitha hit six months. Her weight by then made the fabric uncomfortably bunch up around my shoulders and the more mobile she became the more easily she wrestled her way out. Having looked into all available options, I’m quite settled that seriously wearing an older baby is best done in either a soft structured carrier or a woven wrap. No other sling or carrier distributes that amount of weight

Over five metres of intricately woven cloth have hung in my hallway for almost a year. My Storchenwiege woven wrap, a birthday present from my parents, has been draped over the banister, mocking me. Repeatedly, I picked it up, flung it about my shoulders and cast it aside in frustration. I could put a baby in stretchy wrap with my eyes closed. What was so different about this? I looked at YouTube videos and kind of got the gist but for some reason it just didn’t feel right. I also

When I bought my first baby sling the salesperson recommended it on the basis that I was planning to get into babywearing “seriously”. She neglected to tell me that the thing about slings is this: once you’ve mastered one, you want to try them all. So, with a stretchy and a woven wrap both securely part of our lives, I was excited to give an altogether different kind of baby carrier a go. Enter theBabaSling – a hammock style carrier and the newest addition to my addiction. Sign up to

When I heard that this week was International Babywearing Week, my first thought was that some people take pieces of cloth a little too seriously. A public awareness week for slings, carriers and such things? Really? But actually, I can’t believe how passionate I’ve become about the subject myself. What began as a mode of transport has become a lifestyle for Talitha and me. She has, quite literally, attached herself to me. Back in April I asked for a woven wrap for my birthday merely as an alternative to the

At almost sixteen weeks it finally seems official that Talitha is not a newborn. She’s passed the eleven-pound mark on most newborn disposable nappies and grown too long for all her 0-3 months’ clothing. Those first twelve weeks, that fourth trimester, was such brief time and yet living it took yonks. Looking back with the sagely wisdom of one with a slightly less young baby, I’ve been thinking about what I’d change if I could have a do-over of the newborn thing. These aren’t regrets so much as a gentle

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