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Moving into another year of home education, I’ve been reevaluating our approach to the way I offer the kids art opportunities. It’s changed so many times. I’d set up an art station with everything available so they could help themselves then move things in sight but out of reach so they needed to ask me to reach them. Then I’d totally revert. There’s been paint on cushions and glitter embedded in carpet. There’ve been times when I’ve needed to ask a baby to give me a pair of scissors left

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #CollectiveBias I tried to get some bigger crafts and activities with kids in before the baby came and life inevitably slowed right down and got that bit more chaotic. As it turned out, we managed this windchime made of CD suncatchers literally just before the day Delilah was born. As in, we started it on the due date, finished it on 40+1, I went into labour that night and she was born the

Last year when Talitha was three-and-a-half, she and I really got into Chinese New Year with lots of reading, looking and videos and, of course, crafting. Fish appear a lot in Chinese New Year iconography as symbols of good luck. So, this lucky fish craft fit right in with our Chinese New Year wall display on the go (we need to start this year’s!) and worked those fine motor skills too. We used: a red paper plate a marker stick on eyes glue glue pen gold glitter hole punch pipe

Talitha is recovering from a pretty nasty cold (that’s not her ill face above; she just likes pulling faces!) so although she was in good spirits today, we opted for a quiet one at home. The fact that she neither protested nor even asked about going out tells me she really needed it. We started off with a to-do list of things we needed to get done. She loves ticking things off a list. Just like her mama. “Bake bread, stew apples, carve pumpkin…” I realised this was starting to

We’re heading into that portion of the year again where fireworks come on the scene. I’ll be collecting a few ideas for exploring fireworks with little ones, I’m sure, but for now I thought I’d share this craft we did last year. Just before Bonfire Night last year, I wanted to do a simple “fireworks” craft with Talitha. We were in Trinidad and Tobago for Independence Day that August so she got to see a hugely impressive fireworks display there and it was the first time we were far enough

With hot air balloons fresh in our minds from the Bristol Balloon Fiesta, I wanted to do a craft with Talitha featuring them. We always have lots of recycling objects around so I grabbed a few milk bottle caps and we got going. We used: Blue card Milk bottle caps PVA glue Glitter glue pens A toilet roll tube A dark felt tip pen Polystyrene packaging chips What we did: Spread LOADS of glue on the bottle caps and stick them to your card. Talitha did her own, I helped

We’re going to some Chinese New Year celebrations later this month and I’ve prepared Talitha by showing her pictures and videos online and reading a few stories about it. It’s a bit of an education for me too because, although I’m part Chinese, I didn’t grow up with this festival. Anyway, Talitha has fallen in love with Chinese dragons and, though they’re usually friendly, she wanted to make a fire-breathing Chinese dragon. We were sent some bits and bobs from Bostik as part of the Tots100/Bostik Craft Bloggers Club for

That time of month has rolled around again for us to create a craft from a box of goodies sent to us by Bostik and Craft Merrily. I know this might seem sacrilege to some but I’m already looking forward to the New Year. With only a week in between that in Christmas, this is a fun little craft to fit in with your kids at home, especially if the weather ends up keeping you indoors. What you’ll need: A cone (either take a look in a craft shop or

Talitha is unbelievably pleased with this crown. She’s even talking about friends’ houses she wants to take it to. It was a quick and painless craft to do (well, painless as long as glitter doesn’t stress you out) yet surprisingly effective. This is this month’s Bostik Family Bloggers craft. We were sent a box containing Bostik Glu Pen and Glu Dots and some craft goodies from CraftMerrily, including these beautiful fabric leaves. We followed the veins with the glu pen (my three-year-old’s lines were embarrassingly better than mine) and dusted

It really is no secret that I’m not that into sewing. It’s something I aspire to take up in a big way, hopefully in the near future. In the meantime, anything no-sew is a win, especially if it means three-year-old Talitha can join in. This month, Bostik sent us their Sew Simple fabric glue, along with some fun bits and pieces from Craft Merrily to try our hand something for the Bostik Family Craft Bloggers Network challenge. We decided to make bunting. We took a piece of leftover curtain from

Each month Bostik sends us a box of crafty goodies for us to put together a craft with. This month I wanted to do something symbolic of the garden coming to life and fairies seemed to hit that note. So, I thought we’d make a fairy picture frame. Since we’re putting together an alphabet for Talitha’s room (started before she was born!), we’ve framed an “F” for fairy. The Bostik products included this month were medium foam pads and blu stick. I found these foam pads worked better than the

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