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I was really reluctant to plan many Easter activities with Talitha, in case it proved too difficult with Ophelia in these early days. I figured that we could fit something in on the weekend with Laurence around, though, so looked forward to getting crafty with the bits and bobs Bostik sent us for this month’s project. I figured we’d make fridge magnets – double the fun as Talitha could play with them afterwards. The challenge was to have fun playing with Bostik Blu Tack glu dots and glitter pen. First,

Here’s a fun little Easter craft Talitha and I did about a week before Ophelia was born. I’d started to find it difficult to motivate myself to do anything much and going out was not really happening either. Determined to make this happen for us, I laid out all the materials the night before. When she came downstairs, it was like Christmas! I’ve tried to start talking with her about Easter. Our faith is such an integral and important part of our lives, we want to honour our children by

Circus Queen’s husband reporting here on what we did at birth plus three days: On a whim back in the summer I picked up some black paint to make a chalk wall somewhere in our house. I am not really a DIY person, but as a designer I would love the place to be super cool, but I’m just a bit lazy. So this can of paint has been the cupboard since the heat wave. Anyhoo, on another whim I decided that at birth plus four days Talitha and I

We seem to have gone, um, a little pom pom mad over here! I know it’s a weird thing to become obsessed with but there you go. First, we made a Christmas kissing ball with pom poms made solely with our big and little fair hands. Then my mother-in-law picked me up a couple of pom pom makers! Some time drooling over Pinterest (I’ve actually set up a pom pom inspiration Board!) and more had to be made. The day of love is next week so let’s get a little

Talitha and I have taken up a fun Bostik challenge to make something with products they send us each month. In this case, it turned into a few things! In this lot we were sent Bostik Glu & Fix all purpose clear glue and Blu Tack foam pads. Talitha is a bit obsessed with cutting at the moment and has become wildly independent about what she wants to add to things. For me, it isn’t easy to let go of how I think she should do something or how I

Back in December, Talitha and I made these sweet little heart-shaped crayons for her cousin as a wee Christmas gift. I figured, with Valentine’s Day next month, this might be inspiring for anyone looking for someone heart-y to do with their toddler in the lead-up. We’ve found a few broken crayon odds and ends (and a general excess of crayons!) so we’ll be making more. We used a silicone baking tray, normally used for chocolate making. We gathered some crayons and some lovely, super-fine iridescent glitter to add another bit

Sadly, I didn’t have my camera with me when we made this. Alas! We were at my in-laws for the weekend and we swapped this craft into Talitha’s Advent Calendar activity for the day for convenience. I’m so in love with it, though, I need to share it. We started off with a metal hanger and stretched the body of it into an “O”. The hook broke off, otherwise that would have been useful to leave for hanging. The neck of the hook has been useful in its stead though.

Rosetta Stone sent us a cracker-making pack and we had so much fun putting them together. For Talitha, it’s all new. She keeps noticing all these images of paper crowns and wants to know what it’s all about. I’ve told her you get them in crackers at dinner time on Christmas Day. Of course, she’s thought I meant crackers you eat so it was fun actually putting some together with her so she has another little thing to anticipate. Of course they included your standard cracker jokes. But as a

Did you see that episode of Dragon’s Den where the charming people from The Makery were seeking investment? I fell in love with their craft business and wanted to go visit it in Bath but never got around to it. What a treat, then, to be invited to a crafting session with them at a “crafternoon” tea organised by Shloer yesterday. Can you spot the bloggers’ children? Talitha and Purple Mum‘s Wonder Girl pose without us even asking. Bloggers and children gathered at The Greenway Hotel and Spa for an

Mistletoe doesn’t grow in the Caribbean so it’s curious that it’s part of our Christmas iconography, along with snowflakes and “Deck the Halls with Boughs of Holly”. In fact, I’d never seen real mistletoe until the first Christmas I spent with Laurence’s family. While we grew up with Mistletoe in our storybooks and cartoons, kissing balls were more appropriate and accessible in reality. I remember the year my mother made one with sweet little rosettes. And now it’s my turn to make one for our home. So I made this

Talitha was ill and grumpy most of the day yesterday. Ill and grumpy in a way only a two-and-a-half-year-old can be. She spent quite a lot of it sitting on the couch and admonishing the cat not to look at her. Still, she lit up when I suggested we make something. “Make something”, “paint something”, “bake something” – I can count on these for a brightening of just about any mood. I’d picked up some lolly sticks over the weekend so I thought – puppets? It made sense to do

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