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It sounded spontaneous, romantic, an opportunity to do something we don’t usually do. Laurence booked a babysitter and we were going to get out of the house. Then the comedy of errors began. First, being as stingy as I am, I insisted we went out on Wednesday, not Tuesday as he’d proposed as we never take advantage of Orange Wednesdays. And now I think we never will. We got to the cinema and it was ridiculously packed – with people I’m sure were not paying a babysitter in a desperate

After a day of grizzling, punctuated by all-out tantrums (see last post for breaking news that Talitha is now a toddler) I dreaded heading to Bristol Old Vic theatre. Was this going to be some awful disaster? The house was a mess and I’d run out of clean nappies. The latter nearly never happens to me, so frazzled was I. My unhappy toddler had spent a day red-cheeked and telling me that she felt wrong. I didn’t even bother to apologise about the domestic state when my mother-in-law came to

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