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It’s been really quiet around here lately – not because there’s not much to blog about. In fact, every day life is throwing up any number of things to think about, to chat through with you. Night time is my time to blog, though, and by the time one of the girls has been handed over to Laurence (usually the baby), one is in bed (the older one), one is asleep in the sling (the baby) and dinner is had, I scarcely feel like thinking, let alone writing. Instead I’ve

Talitha and I loved our big lead-up to Christmas so much that I’ve begun thinking about what family traditions we’ll be starting for Lent this year. Fish on Fridays seems an easy one to weave into our lives. I also figured it would be fun to get creative with a different style of fish each week. So, I’m revisiting a dish I haven’t made in a while: Fish Creole. As with most Caribbean cooking, everyone has their own way of making Fish Creole and this is simply mine. I cooked

The beauty of this recipe is that it’s not really a recipe. I mean, you can take these ingredients in their quantities and pretty much just let your child do what they will, decide what order it’s all going to go in – that kind of thing. It did remind me that I need to get a child-sized masher. Talitha had a good go with the bananas but I needed to finish the job. She’s also still working at cracking eggs but we have a do-it-together system at the moment,

Laurence loves to wax lyrical about the Jetson future to which we’re headed. Just the other day he was telling me: “Soon, your smartphone or tablet is going to link up with the contents of your kitchen cupboards and tell you what’s in there.” “But why would I want that?” I argued, “Shouldn’t I just get off my lazy arse and go see what’s in them?” “What if it were me ordering groceries at work?” he countered. Obstinate, I huffed: “Just wait until you get home. That’s all.” Then I

So, I took this test yesterday which said it would tell me what kind of cook I was. I was pretty sure it was going to come up with: the lazy kind but with aspirations. Although, how lazy can you be when you’re trying to work your way around food intolerances in a British diet traditionally sandwiched with wheat and smothered in dairy? And I do like the odd bit of entertaining, it must be admitted. But there are days when the lead up to supper time is a dark

I probably cook dhal once a week. We all love it. It’s yummy, uncomplicated quick as anything and costs literally pence to make, especially if you buy your lentils, turmeric and cumin from Indian grocers. I always stock up over on Stapleton Road here in Bristol. Red or yellow – they’ll both do the trick. Oh, I mustn’t forget to mention, dhal is healthy too! Provided you go easy on the oil and salt (I sometimes make a mistake with the latter as we like salty food). It’s also gluten-free

In a way, Christmas started a month ago for us when we soaked the fruits for our Trinidad black cake. I’ve looked at lots of recipes for inspiration over the years but needed to use things that were readily available to us and to make it both wheat and dairy-free. I thought I might as well make it gluten-free altogether. The result is a cake that is lighter than your usual Caribbean black cake but I like that. All the flavours come through without feeling it’s too rich to handle.

Did you see that episode of Dragon’s Den where the charming people from The Makery were seeking investment? I fell in love with their craft business and wanted to go visit it in Bath but never got around to it. What a treat, then, to be invited to a crafting session with them at a “crafternoon” tea organised by Shloer yesterday. Can you spot the bloggers’ children? Talitha and Purple Mum‘s Wonder Girl pose without us even asking. Bloggers and children gathered at The Greenway Hotel and Spa for an

Something with this much sugar in it is probably the last thing we need in our lives right now but what’s a little sweet now and then? Talitha only eats a couple of bites of this rice crispy cake at a time, anyway (strange child) and seemed to enjoy making it more than anything else (though she did scarf quite a few sultanas and rice crisps in the process!). I find it useful for self-medicating after she’s gone to bed. What’s more, it’s gluten-free which means we can all eat

The Christmas thing seems to be happening for us so much earlier this year. Usually I’d blame it on commercialism and certainly it was weird walking into The Co-operative today and seeing all the merry banners. However, other markers are ushering us into the season sooner than I expected. In an attempt to make this the year I don’t get ulcers stressing over last minute Christmas presents and the state of our bank account, I’ve been shopping gradually and putting things aside. Talitha’s presents are all done now, except for

We were offered a voucher from JUST EAT so we could review their online takeaway ordering service and, after a trying day, I decided to do what anyone would do to keep her sanity – order Chinese takeaway and make a list. So here we go. You know you need a takeaway dinner when… You’ve been asked the question “What are you doing?” 52 times today – sometimes in the space of seconds. It has been mixed up with “Why?” Your 2-year-old doesn’t want to walk, go in the sling,

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