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We do a fair bit of freezing to make life easier on ourselves. The last thing I feel like doing at the day’s end is cooking, especially if we’ve spent most of it out. I’m the one who’s around so the task generally falls to me, which is a shame because Laurence is the better cook. It leaves us open to the temptation of a takeaway – a nice treat sometimes but not to be repeated too often for the sake of our finances – and health. Then there are

Walking through the woods with Talitha, my thoughts often drift off into the foliage. I wander at the distinctive beauty of this country I’m adopting. I am struck by the wild, matchless wealth with which these simple experiences frame her childhood. In real terms, these trees are her history, her heritage and her birthright. They are worth protecting. Two weeks ago she and I visited Yeo Valley to spend a day with The Woodland Trust. First trimester exhaustion meant the experience took far more out of me than it should

Here follow the rules of the perfect date night in… 1. Someone cook. It’s more romantic that way. There’s a time for takeaway (usually when your fridge is empty and you’re too spent to string a sentence together, let alone make sense of what’s in your cupboards and freezer). However, there is also a time for getting your cook on. I’ve been working my way through The Great British Farmhouse Cookbook that Yeo Valley sent me. It’s full of beautiful photographs and recipes that seem both achievable and challenging. So,

Laurence has been pretty much gluten-free for heading towards three months now. So am I…mainly when I’m around him. For him it’s been about finally sorting out a food intolerance. For me, well, I don’t get the impression that gluten overload is brilliant for anyone’s digestive system and since it’s in everything, it doesn’t take much for it to be too much. Luckily, there are lots of alternatives when it comes to waving goodbye to wheat and gluten. They don’t necessarily have to be expensive either. We buy a 1kg

Almost four weeks into Lent, I can finally say it: I’ve kicked my addiction to caffeine. For years, I’ve been saying I’d do it but was always too busy, lazy, tired, depressed, socially active or in denial to give it a proper go. I’m not lightly throwing around the word “addiction” either. I wince when the skinny guys on Supersize vs Superskinny (how’s that for high brow television?) name their Coke count at ten or whatever, starting with breakfast and practically breathing the stuff throughout the day. Yet, it’s been

Baby led weaned babies are not fussy eaters. Maybe. Mine wasn’t. She’d eat anything. Curried chicken? Yum. Squid? Yes, please. Paper? Err, unfortunately yes. The standard line was that baby led weaned babies develop an enviable appreciation for textures and flavours leading to balanced, diverse, nay, adventurous diets. I probably didn’t even read that anywhere official but somehow I thought I’d found the key to avoiding that pattern feared amongst parents of toddlers: fussy eating. Well. Five months ago my then fourteen-month-old become a vegetarian. Or maybe a white-food-e-tarian. I

I signed up to Groupon a couple of years ago when we moved to Bristol. For those who don’t know, it’s a discount service that emails you deals every day. Money is generally a sore point for us, so seeing if we could get a deal here and there for some recreation seemed a good idea. I have to admit I’ve mostly not even looked at the emails though. When I have opened them, it’s been useful to see what’s on offer in the area as I feel like I’m

Jetlagged, Friday night found me playing with tupperware on the kitchen floor (with Talitha, I promise), procrastinating from childproofing the kitchen. Laurence came home to a powerful reminder that housekeeping isn’t why he married me. I stared at him for a moment, trying to work out why he’d come home from work early. Then it clicked, he wasn’t early. I was late. I was supposed to be meeting Mum of One, Purple Mum, Medicated Follower of Fashion, Knitty Mummy, Mutterings of a Fool and Babberblog for pre-dinner drinks at 7

Talitha turned one around the middle of last month but my last Baby Led Weaning Carnival was before then so I’m taking the opportunity to mark now what I think is a pretty exciting landmark: six months into a love affair with food. As with all great loves, it has not been without its drama. We’ve had the days where she’s been more banana than stomach, only for the beloved fruit to be cast down from the high chair in disdain. And so it’s gone with most foods. Peas obsessively

So you remember the time I went to the Yeo Valley Family Farm, climbed a hill, looked down at gorgeous Blagdon lake, learned about the area’s history in rocks, learned even more about organic farming and gardening, learned how to make yummy food from a yummy chef, ate said food, saw some cows and enjoyed afternoon tea? You don’t? I wrote all about it here. The day started with wellies and an interesting chat about sustainable living and ended in my baby putting natural yogurt in her hair. That was

The second Baby Led Weaning Carnival is here! This has been an exciting month for watching Talitha discover food. She turns one next week and can now eat pretty proficiently with a pre-loaded spoon (not quite as messily as this). She’s also started asking for food by signing and actually eats at each meal, instead of just throwing everything on the floor pretty much right away. If you’ve not done baby led weaning (letting your baby feed herself from the start) Carolin from Mummy Alarm gives a succinct and accurate

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