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Circus Queen’s husband reporting here on what we did at birth plus three days: On a whim back in the summer I picked up some black paint to make a chalk wall somewhere in our house. I am not really a DIY person, but as a designer I would love the place to be super cool, but I’m just a bit lazy. So this can of paint has been the cupboard since the heat wave. Anyhoo, on another whim I decided that at birth plus four days Talitha and I

We’ve been doing so much to prepare for the baby recently, directly and indirectly, that it was nice to do something just for Talitha. Bit by bit, we’re decorating her bedroom. This weekend, we added some much needed wall stickers. She’s a bit butterfly obsessed so these Tinyme wall stickers were the natural choice for her. I considered putting them up myself but the bedroom is practically a daddy-daughter project so I restrained myself and enjoyed snapping away while they had their fun, positioning and re-positioning. The stickers are fully

So, I’ve decided to become tidy. OK, that’s a bit of a grand declaration, probably destined to fail. I’m going to try to get more organised? I’m going to try? I’ve made the confession here before that I’m a housekeeping disaster. I made it while I was pregnant and explained that I think good mothers probably fold the laundry instead of stuffing the drawers. I do that now. Mostly. Talitha’s room is the most organised one in the house due to this “good mothers do” mentality. And let’s not go

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