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So Laurence is humouring me by appearing in style post on this here blog. It’s actually not so much a favour since he’s done quite well out of it, scoring this stylish JORD watch, which he really likes. After looking through their range of Men’s Wooden Watches he chose this one because he preferred the muted colours and simple shape. He’s not into fussy watches. I asked him to comment on what it’s been like, having worn it for a couple of weeks and he mentioned that it’s quite light,

Last week Friday, Laurence took the day off work to hang out with us since his brother was visiting us from Thailand. We set out with not a lot planned but ended up taking advantage of a lot of what Bristol has to offer. We started off with a trip to Hoo Haa! Festival at Colston Hall to see a crazy one-man musical and make a building to contribute to a cardboard city. It was our second day at the festival and I’ve blogged about the whole thing here. White

A trip to Paris is on my 30 things to do before 30 and we hope to make it happen before the end of the year, particularly because I have a good friend we’d like to visit, who lives there. Whenever we talk about planning the trip, we end up daydreaming about the food. That may be a bit tricky because Laurence is sensitive to wheat and dairy (he may just have to break the rules and book time off to recover!). When La Redoute asked me to create a

For my birthday this year, I decided to gift myself a family photo shoot. Laurence and I are often behind the camera. We rarely think of getting someone to take photos of all of us. I’d wanted to do one when Talitha was around a year but we never got around to it. In many ways, it feels like it makes more sense doing it now that both girls are here. A few of my friends have had their photos taken by Bristol family and newborn photographer Annie Crossman. We

After dreaming about it for the last ten years (so I’m a bit of an over-thinker) and never getting around to it, partly because I’m rubbish at spending money on myself, I finally got my half-sleeve tattoo today. It’s Mehndi inspired (I’m borderline obsessed with henna patterns) and it features a hummingbird. I guess there is a bit of meaning there. Trinidad and Tobago is the land of the hummingbird. Hummingbirds are tiny but fierce and free. Mythologically, they represent eternity. That’s probably quite fitting for a tattoo. But, honestly?

A few weeks ago, Laurence’s parents treated the family to lunch at Hauser & Wirth Somerset, in Bruton, to celebrate a birthday. It’s a modern art gallery and restaurant with a truly exciting garden. I’d love to visit again for the garden alone. I don’t feel like I fully took it in and so much thought has gone into what to plant where. Laurence and his brothers went to school in Bruton and it amuses the family no end that what they’ve known as a somewhat sleepy little Somerset town

It may have taken a while to get here but now it’s certainly time for layering up. Despite having grown up in a hot country, cold weather style is one of the things I look forward to as Autumn and Winter approach. Anyway, there is a story to this jumper. A few weeks ago I was having a Very Bad Day. Like, what-am-I-doing-with-my-life kind of bad. I even ended up throwing a mini hissy fit over not having any jumpers that were warm but not too warm. I know. What

Laurence has been working from home this week, which has been a little weird. He’s there but not really. He has this fancy shmancy start-stop-clock-app thing (me – a technophobe?) to keep track of his hours. If I’m in, I physically have to restrain myself from handing him the baby. So, to his relief, the girls and I have been going out lots. Yesterday, that meant a trip to Blaise Park in North Bristol. House of Fraser sent us the outfit Talitha’s wearing, to feature, so it seemed the perfect

Our trip to Trinidad and Tobago called for new sunglasses. How could it not? Going with two small children may have meant that I didn’t spend the holiday sunbathing by the pool, sipping cocktails, but the elegance of these London Retro frames afforded me a little bit of glamour every day. Sunglasses Shop sent me this stylish London Retro Nancy pair in black (RRP £50), and I’m wearing them everywhere as if I’m still on holiday. They’re just a little bit quirky without being over the top. They were also

Yesterday I finally wore one of the first truly new items of clothing I’d bought in a long time, as in, years. I can probably count on one hand the number of times I’ve bought even second hand clothes in the last few years too. The result is that many things in my wardrobe either don’t fit, don’t reflect my personal style or are worn out beyond hope of repair! Nice. I feel like I had a real release from the tyranny of appearance, for lack of a better way

The weeks have suddenly grown longer with Talitha. Part of that is due to my energy levels. I’m feeling uncreative and unmotivated most days and if I haven’t taken the time to loosely plan the next day, we’re doomed to mutual grumpiness. I think it must also be that time of the year, though, when Christmas has come and been so winter seems unforgivingly endless. I look out at a grey, wet morning and would rather stay in bed, reading a book or playing on the internet. My toddler sweeps

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