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My mother joked when Talitha was born that she was like my dolly. Part of me thinks she really is – albeit a dolly that’s increasingly growing more independent and forming her own strong opinions on what she wants to wear. I get so much more pleasure out of seeing her enjoy getting dressed up. It even supersedes the buzz I get when shopping for myself. So when F&F offered me a voucher to style a beautiful party look for my toddler, I really couldn’t resist. Looking through their Children’s

In association with Beauty Recommended Winter can leave us all feeling a bit blah and it’s easy to end up taking even less care over yourself when you’re busy looking after little people. In a bid to give us all a boost as we head into these colder months, I’ve welcomed a post from Beauty Recommended. Here are their top tips for meeting your skin’s wintry needs. Keeping the skin healthy and beautiful can often feel like a full time job. This is especially true in the winter months. Many

Calendula. It’s a word that didn’t enter my life before I became a mother. Oh, I’d probably heard it before but I wasn’t paying attention. Becoming responsible for a whole new person, so fragile, right at the beginning of her journey, made me become a lot more conscious of the ingredients found in the lotions and potions that have become part of our everyday lives. Now, I’m enamoured of anything that leaves out the parabens, employs active, natural ingredients while still smelling and making me feel beautiful. Katharine Botanicals seems

Pretty much the moment I found out I was pregnant at four weeks, my flat stomach went pudge. A couple of weeks and my waist was distinctly thicker. A couple more and I had a bump. An actual bump at eight weeks! Hence the multiples jokes began. But no, there’s only one baby in there. My muscles just remember what they’re doing – a nice way of saying my body is a stretched out bag. This week, I felt that uncomfortable familiar feeling I can’t quite describe where I know

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