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I’m keenly aware as we enter the season of colds (I’m in recovery from a fresh hit at the moment!) and British winter guarantees us many overcast or rainy days, that it’s really important to do whatever I can to stabilise my mood and sustain good mental wellbeing. That means it’s hugely important that I guard my sleep. I am so good at making excuses for not getting enough sleep. It’s too tempting to stay up late when it’s the only child-free time I have. I also have a fifteen-month-old

I keep finding myself responding to any of the question “How’s the pregnancy going?” with “Fine, thanks. Just tired.” It’s not totally inaccurate. Even compared to my own two previous pregnancies, I’m physically feeling positively spectacular to the point of sometimes forgetting that I’m even pregnant. That is if you don’t count the fact that I almost always need the toilet and even if you don’t see me making millions of bathroom trips when we’re out and about, you can bet “Need a wee” is there on my mental list

With the nights drawing in and the days getting that bit colder, it’s definitely starting to feel Autumnal. A friend recently found a conker so that feels like proof that the new season is almost here. I didn’t grow up with Autumn. In Trinidad and Tobago, we have dry and wet season. But over the past ten years, I’ve grown surprisingly fond of this particular season. Here are a few ways I’m gearing up to face and embrace an Autumn outdoors. Join me if you like. 1. Take a photo

I used to say that I would like to take an exercise class but I didn’t have the motivation to go out after looking after a baby/toddler all day. Then I got pregnant again and felt so tired, I added that to the hurdles in my way. I’d also say I’d take an exercise class if I could drive. Then I got my license. But by then I also had the second baby. And it started to look like I’d never run out of excuses. The thing is I know

I am sitting in a treatment room at the Chiron Centre for Natural Health in Westbury-on-Trym in Bristol with a reflexologist called Anne Brunton. She looks at the clipboard form I’ve just filled in, noting that I’ve called my sleep “broken”. She, entirely reasonably, assumes that it’s because I have a young baby. I feel the need to say that Ophelia actually sleeps quite a lot and that I am, in fact, depriving myself of sleep. I cannot shut off. This has been going on for months. It’s one of

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably doing the last-minute thing, figuring out what you’ll be giving for Easter. Today I’m welcoming five alternative Easter ideas from ASDA George. Easter is just around the corner, and while plenty of people, young and old, will be scoffing their body weight in chocolate over the course of the Easter holidays, others will have treated their loved ones in other ways. Chocolate eggs have long been a tradition when it comes to gift-giving at Easter, but they certainly aren’t the be-all and end-all