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So today is the due date, according to our scan. Since only something like five per cent of women give birth on their due date and since my last baby was three hours’ short of being a 42-weeker, I feel like this is the one day I can completely rest in the expectation that I will not be going into labour. Actually, I’ve been telling people from the start that the baby’s due somewhere sort of late February, early March. And I told myself that this time I was definitely

I mentioned last week in my Ten Lessons for a Positive Pregnancy post that having Laurence henna my bump has been a powerful way of celebrating this pregnancy, especially since we don’t expect to have any more children. I enjoyed having full wedding mehndi on my hands and forearms 4.5 years ago so why not remember my likely last bump this way? Since we’re really skint at the moment and it’s really hard to find anyone who’ll henna bumps professionally, Laurence agreed to have a go when I was 38

I kind of wasn’t really expecting to ever write this post. I found breastfeeding in the first trimester such hard work, especially since it triggered nausea which led us to night wean. I was determined to take a “wait and see” approach, making myself no promises either way. I believe that allowing children to outgrow the need to breastfeed is such a gift but that the balance of needs between the two people in a nursing relationship naturally shifts over time. So I had mixed feelings when I thought she

Positive pregnancy – why does it matter? Or does it even matter? I flinch whenever I hear someone call birth experience a first world concern, mocking women for wanting a positive birth. Of course, any woman would choose a traumatic birth over infant death but are you saying that’s the only choice she should have? Why is it so bad not only to admit we want better but to aim for and even demand it? Sure, a positive birth won’t make us bigger women or better mothers. We know that.

This feels like it’s been the longest week of the pregnancy so far. Hopefully that’s not an indicator of what is to come. I’ve filled our calendar so we hopefully avoid me moping around saying “I’m done with this! Out now, baby!” especially when I could have over a month to go. There is still a lot I want to get done before the baby gets here but realistically it will never all be done. At least now all the clothes are sorted and I’ve stuck a few more meals

No one’s more surprised than I that we’re this far along already. In fact, the baby’s dropped lots and Braxton Hicks have started but I’m still prone to forgetting altogether that I’m pregnant. Apart from a little pelvic pain (another osteopathy treatment booked in this week – it’s been magic so far), a few mood swings and a tired period in the mid-afternoons, I feel amazingly well. Not like last time when I was falling apart by now. I’m even pencilling things into my calendar for when I’m 41 weeks,

I saw this model of an eight-month-old fetus at AtBristol Science Centre last week. Jess from Along Came Cherry and I took our kids there for a Toddler Takeover and we both reckon this baby looks huge for that gestation! I couldn’t believe how heavy the 9-monther was. Not that I even understand pregnancy in terms of months, really. Talitha’s conversations with the baby are becoming more elaborate now. She tells her what she’s doing. She’s even started – occasionally – using her name. She’ll say things like: “I’m splashing

I just finished quite a fun read, Pregnancy Tales – Journeys into Parenthood, edited by Amy Tilston. I zoomed through it, in fact, as it’s a light and often entertaining read. The book claims to gather together stories of parents telling their stories as they really are. From conception to birth, young mothers to mothers with many years between their children, unplanned pregnancies to long struggles to conceive, a wide range of experiences are told. The book is at times humorous and often heartfelt. I imagine it would make a

After spending so much of this pregnancy saying that I’m not thinking about it much, it’s as if in this last stretch – especially with Christmas out of the way – something has clicked. It’s suddenly so real. I’m enjoying playing with little feet as they kick through my skin. It’s a familiar feeling yet so different. It’s becoming natural to talk to this baby – something which came much easier to two-year-old Talitha than to me. She takes many opportunities when we are alone to kiss my tummy and

I printed off a free 2014 calendar the other day and wrote in the pregnancy weeks as I keep finding myself making plans for next year and struggling to figure out how pregnant I’ll be by then. Then I worked out that by the time I’m in a place to focus on getting things ready for the new baby (or rather, before the new baby, since she herself doesn’t need much) I’ll be 34 weeks pregnant. I’m almost expecting to go to 42 weeks so that makes it 8 weeks

Like lots of things in this pregnancy, the baby bump crept up on me. I feel like it’s happened overnight. One day, I was my usual size and the next, it was all pregnant woman ahoy! In fact, I still think of my body as being, well, unpregnant. In my mind’s eye, my waistline is still in tact. Then I bend to tie my shoe laces or reach across a table for something and can’t understand why it’s so difficult to reach. I pull up my jeans and wonder why

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