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On our way for a weekend in Dartmoor, we stopped off at Castle Drogo. We try to plan stops at destinations rather than service stations when we’re going on longer journeys and our National Trust membership has helped perfectly with that. I also thought it would be a good time to photograph the iCandy Raspberry pushchair that we’ve been trying out for the past few weeks. The main reason I agreed to review the iCandy Raspberry is that you have the option of making it parent-facing. In fact, it’s really

Last month Talitha went for a weekend with all of her grandparents. It was her first time away for two nights (her request) and our first time having a whole day with just Ophelia. We racked our brains trying to think of something we could do with an eighteen-month-old that we couldn’t normally do with a four-year-old and finally decided to give cycling a go. Cycling as a family isn’t something that’s possible for us at the moment because I can’t ride a bike and we only have one baby

Last week Friday, Laurence took the day off work to hang out with us since his brother was visiting us from Thailand. We set out with not a lot planned but ended up taking advantage of a lot of what Bristol has to offer. We started off with a trip to Hoo Haa! Festival at Colston Hall to see a crazy one-man musical and make a building to contribute to a cardboard city. It was our second day at the festival and I’ve blogged about the whole thing here. White

We’ve spent the past few days doing two pretty random things: finding non-musical objects to make music with and singing “Do a little poo in the forest” to each other. We’ll have to blame the gigs we’ve taken in at Hoo Haa! Festival at Colston Hall in Bristol last week. The first I’ll explain in a minute but the second definitely requires music video explanation. Do show your kiddies this. They’ll love it – and so will you if you’re into toilet humour. On Friday we had Laurence’s brother with

This Saturday we ended up having my parents and one of the girls’ friends with us so we decided to head over to Lawrence Weston Community Farm. It’s a space we visit frequently. Our visit there this weekend reminded me of why I love city farms in general and what’s so brilliant about this one in particular. City farms and community gardens are community-managed projects run by volunteers for the benefit of local residents. They’re usually set up in socially deprived areas and there are often opportunities to get involved


Weekends like the one just gone, I love living in Bristol. It’s an endlessly creative city, hosting a string of festivals in the summertime. On Saturday we took the kids down to Bedminster to check out Upfest, Europe’s largest street art and graffiti festival. I think we only ended up sampling a small bit of what was an offer – it was pretty packed and we wanted a chilled day – but what we saw was seriously impressive. I was surprised by how much the kids took it in. Talitha

We’d been planning to head over to Exeter for ages. It’s Laurence’s university town and so, an important part of his life, but I’d never seen it. The chance to visit together came up when First Great Western gave us a weekend there a few weeks ago. It made a great city break and a chance to connect as a family before Laurence headed off to start working in London. We made the journey over there at night after Laurence finished work so it was an exciting “past bedtime” train

For the past year we’ve been talking about traveling as a family. How we could afford it? When would be the best time in terms of our children’s ages? What we might do? Where we might go? Then Laurence discovered World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF), an organisation which links volunteers with organic farms. We began to think about WWOOFing as a potential way of traveling while keeping costs down and experiencing the reality of places rather than just going in for the tourist version. We also wanted to

A few weeks ago we headed down to West Wales to stay at Bluestone National Park with Laurence’s parents. It was truly a holiday to remember. We’ve even made a little video to capture the special time it was. We went in late March and, as you can see from how bundled up we were, it was freezing! Pembrokeshire is such a beautiful part of the world, though. If you’re going to be outdoors in cold weather, it’s exactly where you want to be. Leading up to it, I kept

Two weeks ago today I had my rather surreal naturalisation ceremony, making me now a British citizen. I’ve lost no time in sending off my UK passport application because one of the big perks of citizenship we’ve been looking forward to has been more freedom to travel. We have a couple of trips planned in the near future and for one of them we may be flying with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. So, I was intrigued to see that KLM has launched a super cute series of short films to

A year ago, Laurence and Talitha did an early Spring camping trip to Wookey Farm in Somerset – their first camping trip. Unsurprisingly, I wasn’t keen to take along two-month-old Ophelia so we stayed behind, an hour away in Bristol. We did join them a couple of months later, camping near Penzance, mind. Anyway, I was so envious looking at photographs of the amazing time they had, that we decided we’d go the next Spring. So, this weekend we did just that. Talitha suggested we invite friends to come along.

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