Park Resorts, Carmarthen Bay

A couple of weekends ago, we were invited to review a Park Resorts holiday site. We chose Carmarthen Bay in Wales because it’s only a two-hour drive from where we

The year I kind of got into Halloween

Halloween is weird for me. I mention this on the blog every year. I didn’t grow up celebrating Halloween, I used to be superstitious and I resent the occasion’s commercial

Hauser & Wirth Somerset

A few weeks ago, Laurence’s parents treated the family to lunch at Hauser & Wirth Somerset, in Bruton, to celebrate a birthday. It’s a modern art gallery and restaurant with

So far with siblings

While pregnant with Ophelia, I wondered a lot about what impact she might have on her big sister, Talitha. Would it be love at first sight? Would Talitha feel jealous?

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