Talitha and I have been getting an education in the British naturalisation process. I’ve qualified to apply to become a British citizen for about a year now but I’ve only

More olives in our cooking

With the craziness of Christmas and New Year, I’m only just getting around to telling you about the Spanish cooking class Laurence and I took last year. Well, that’s misleading.


Last Wednesday, I did my first solo cross-country drive. Yeah, on the night when the weather in the South West was borderline insane because of that tornado over in Wales.

A slow start to the year

It has been quiet here, hasn’t it? I did that thing where I just lived life and kept my reflections mostly to myself over the past few weeks (Laurence has

Addiction can happen to anyone

For a while, I’ve been meaning to share this video Laurence made. It pictures a young woman working in a office. She looks like she has everything going for her.

I didn’t grow up with Advent

I didn’t grow up with Advent. I may have mentioned this here before. My first December in England, nine years ago, I didn’t know what it was. My introduction came

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