Kitty litter vs Nappies

My husband Laurence, oft mentioned on this blog, decided to try his hand at guest posting here. He normally blogs about photography at

Head to head – the ultimate show down. These are exciting times for both corners. We have nappies in the red corner and kitty litter in the blue corner. The winner, well the winner doesn’t get anything at all apart from slightly less frowns and sighs!

kitty litter vs nappy's

The warm-up:
For any big event preparation is key: getting your mind in the right place, visualising what is going to happen and when. The unpredictable timing of nappies means that kitty litter takes the first point. Every evening I change/clean the kitty litter before I go to bed [I know, I know I should probably do it twice a day, but they seem to cope and life is a little short to be so fastidious].
Kitty Litter 1 Nappies 0

The equipment:
A bad sportsman blames is equipment. Hell yeah! Good clumping litter is pretty rewarding allowing you to quickly identify and target Number 1’s but non-clumping litter is frustrating beyond belief and you’re using a shovel with holes in it. Regular readers of Adele’s musings will know that we are using reusable nappies, they seem to work (and my vs Adele’s thoughts on the pros and cons of this could be another post). So forgetting disposables for a minute…

When I approach a smelly and screaming girl I have to choose between the origami of terry towels/muslin cloths and Bum Genius style nappies, weighing up time of day, location and the state of my mind. I would choose Bum Genius every time if I could, but we don’t have enough of them, and I’m told they take too long to dry. Clumping beats terry toweling, Bum Genius beats non-clumping. A goal each.
Kitty Litter 2 Nappies 1

Round 1 – The atmosphere:
The sounds, the smells and the sights…
I have yet to change a nappy without Talitha crying the whole way through, the cry pierces my soul and is a little bit upsetting. It’s like the uproar from the opposing supporters as they rub it in your face. It cuts deep.
Kitty Litter 3 Nappies 1
Even the fullest, most mustardy nappies don’t bother me for smell, I even don’t mind sticking a finger inside the nappy to check for poo [much to my brother’s horror]. On the other hand the stench of a fresh kitty poo is horrible and the ammonia odour wafting about makes me gag. I like not smelling victory.
Kitty Litter 3 Nappies 2
Any good sporting event needs drama and the unexpected. Removing a nappy and wondering what you’re going to get, what colour it will be and that you haven’t removed the clothes and nappy unnecessarily. Kitty litter is grey and beige world, very little interest and pretty boring actually.
Kitty Litter 3 Nappies 3

Round 2 – The game:
It’s well and truly underway. You’re committed. The baby grow is off, the litter filter, spade thing is in hand. You’re cleaning away and you have a curious cat trying to see what you’re doing, or poking her head in the extracted mess, or pawing at my dressing gown. Or you have a fighting girl kicking and moving about, but I can understand that, we’ve just taken off all her clothes and rubbing cotton wool all over her parts. A definite win for the baby.
Kitty Litter 3 Nappies 4

A good game is a fast game.
Kitty Litter 4 Nappies 4

The victory and reward:
Adoring fans, cheers silverware and OBE’s? Silence is the reward for changing Talitha, picking her up and cuddling her, when she is all changed, clean and at her cutest. Bed is the reward for changing the kitty litter and sweet dre…. waaaahhh! Nappy time again!
Kitty Litter 5 Nappies 5

A draw… any draw leaves me feeling a little robbed. Extra time/ sudden death…

Kitty litters scores the winner as I have to go and change another nappy, the 3rd of the day. Really can you seriously poo that much? Can we get away with leaving it in there for a bit longer? Probably not!