A mother’s work

So after enthusiastically telling Mother.Wife.Me and Pret-A-Mummy that I would join in their mothers’ work meme, I flaked for a bit. No better way to get me to put off doing something than to get me to commit to it. Anyway, here are my answers:

1. Did you work before becoming a mum?
Yes but not for long. I freelanced for about a year then took some time to focus on and enjoy my baby.

2. What is your current situation?
The “maternity leave” is officially over and though I’m picking up bits and pieces of work here and there, I’m primarily at home with my daughter. I both love it and bang my head about it.

On one hand I feel very strongly that I want to be the one to take care of her most of the time and that I don’t want to miss out on any bit of her growing up. On the other, I feel like bits of my brain are getting mouldy and that I’m becoming boring. Money is also really tight.

No situation is perfect. We’re just trying to work out how to make the best of this one. I suppose one option is for me to find a way to work from home effectively. While said bits and pieces work alright around the baby (who doesn’t really do naps, by the way), it’s tough trying to look ahead and make any sort of long term plan.

3. Freestyle
You may have picked up, looking around this blog, that I’m passionate about women being supported in their choice to breastfeed. It worries me that so many women end up having to give up breastfeeding – when they would have liked to continue – because they have to go back to work.

Despite what lip service is paid, too many employers still do not do nearly enough to support breastfeeding. Often at best, women have to pump in toilets and feel like they have nowhere to store their milk. At worst, regular pumping breaks are not available.

This isn’t to say that women should have to pump either. Actually, countries with the longest maternity leaves tend to be the ones with the highest rates of breastfeeding.

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