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Hello hello! I’m Adele Jarrett-Kerr and this is my little piece of the internet where I chat about family life, home educating, a friendly home and anything else that feels like it fits. I’m a writer, at-home mother and breastfeeding counsellor, and I take a special interest in issues around respectful parenting, social justice and greener living so my posts go in those directions too.

I live in the Falmouth area in Cornwall, UK, with my husband Laurence (who blogs at Chasing Wilderness) and our daughters, Talitha (born in June 2011), Ophelia (born in February 2014) and Delilah, (born in July 2016).

I grew up in Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean. At nineteen, I moved to Brighton for university (I hold a Masters degree that I only use to get abusive with 17th-century documentaries). In my final year, I met Laurence at a church meeting in a pub and the rest is history. I got stuck in this cold country.

From Brighton we moved to Bristol, from one cool city to another. Our three children were born there. It was a good home to us in that time.

But we got the itch for change again and a job presented itself to make possible a move further west to Cornwall. For Laurence, it was a longed-for return. For me? Well, I’m sure I’d heard of Cornwall in the Arthurian legends but it had never registered to me as a real place before moving to the UK. I also only learned to drive at 28 so I didn’t consider living in the countryside a realistic option until relatively recently.

We made the big move from our city home in early 2016 and haven’t a regret about heading for the sea.

To get in touch with me please please email adele [dot] jarrettkerr [at] gmail [dot] com

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This blog has been going for almost seven years and I do take on commercial partnerships where I feel it fits.

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