New Year’s Eve craft – Make a party hat

That time of month has rolled around again for us to create a craft from a box of goodies sent to us by Bostik and Craft Merrily. I know this might seem sacrilege to some but I’m already looking forward to the New Year. With only a week in between that in Christmas, this is a fun little craft to fit in with your kids at home, especially if the weather ends up keeping you indoors.

New Year's hat craft

What you’ll need:

A cone (either take a look in a craft shop or fashion your own by rolling the side of a cereal box, stapling it together and cutting the excess)
Glittery pipe cleaners (for the fireworks!)
Glittery pom poms and stickers to decorate (stars and snowflakes feature here)
A small measure of rick rack (to go around the bottom)
A sheet of coloured issue paper
Glu dots
A pair of scissors
A hole punch
Ribbon (to tie the hat to the wearer’s head)
Glitter glue (I ended up forsaking the purple glitter pictured above in favour of this – less mess)
A permanent marker

New Year's hat craft-19

What to do:

Use the glu dots to stick the tissue paper to the cone. Go gently when you’re sticking paper to paper to make sure it doesn’t tear. Tuck the ends of the paper inside the base of the cone.

New Year's hat craft-3

New Year's hat craft-2

New Year's hat craft-5

New Year's hat craft-6

Punch the holes for the ribbon to attach the hat to the wearer’s head. We did this after decorating the hat but it needs to happen beforehand, really, so your child knows where to avoid putting stickers.

Let your child loose, sticking where they please. If you attach glu dots the pom poms, they basically become stickers. Same with rick rack but you might have to help placing that one.

New Year's hat craft-7

New Year's hat craft-8

New Year's hat craft-12

New Year's hat craft-13

Cut off the tip and stick glittery pipe cleaners (cut in half) in as “fireworks”.

New Year's hat craft-9

New Year's hat craft-10

Write “Happy New Year” and circle it in glitter. Or, hey, write it in glitter.

New Year's hat craft-11

Thread the ribbon (cut in two lengths) through the holes and knot it on each side.

New Year's hat craft-15

New Year's hat craft-14

I think she’s thinking about her New Year’s resolutions.

New Year's hat craft-16

Have you started thinking about the New Year yet?

New Year's hat craft-17

Sparkly Autumn Fairy Crown

Talitha is unbelievably pleased with this crown. She’s even talking about friends’ houses she wants to take it to. It was a quick and painless craft to do (well, painless as long as glitter doesn’t stress you out) yet surprisingly effective.

Autumn Fairy Crown-3

Autumn Fairy Crown-5

This is this month’s Bostik Family Bloggers craft. We were sent a box containing Bostik Glu Pen and Glu Dots and some craft goodies from CraftMerrily, including these beautiful fabric leaves.

Autumn Fairy Crown-2

We followed the veins with the glu pen (my three-year-old’s lines were embarrassingly better than mine) and dusted them with glitter.

Autumn Fairy Crown-4

I cut the base of the crown from an old cereal box, measuring it on her head and stapling it into a circle.

Autumn Fairy Crown-6

Then we stuck the leaves to the crown using glu dots.

Autumn Fairy Crown-7

Easy, beautiful and well-loved. You could do the same with real dried leaves too.

Autumn Fairy Crown-8

Have you been up to any Autumn crafting?

Fabric glue bunting

It really is no secret that I’m not that into sewing. It’s something I aspire to take up in a big way, hopefully in the near future. In the meantime, anything no-sew is a win, especially if it means three-year-old Talitha can join in.

no sew bunting

This month, Bostik sent us their Sew Simple fabric glue, along with some fun bits and pieces from Craft Merrily to try our hand something for the Bostik Family Craft Bloggers Network challenge. We decided to make bunting.

no sew bunting-3

We took a piece of leftover curtain from Talitha’s room, we took turns using a glass to trace circles on it and I cut them out with pinking shears.

no sew bunting-4

I traced the butterflies using a cookie cutter on felt and cut them out as it was a bit of a fiddly job. Talitha stuck the butterflies and buttons on and I helped her attach the circles to a piece of twine. Then we mounted the bunting to her bedroom door, which she’s pleased about.

no sew bunting-2-2

What would you make with fabric glue?


“F” is for Fairy – a Bostik craft

Each month Bostik sends us a box of crafty goodies for us to put together a craft with. This month I wanted to do something symbolic of the garden coming to life and fairies seemed to hit that note.

So, I thought we’d make a fairy picture frame. Since we’re putting together an alphabet for Talitha’s room (started before she was born!), we’ve framed an “F” for fairy.

Blu Tack Blu Stick and Foam Pads

The Bostik products included this month were medium foam pads and blu stick. I found these foam pads worked better than the smaller size we received a couple of months ago because Talitha can handle them herself so was able to put together the fairy with little help from me (though I admittedly did suggest where things could go with the first one).

She had a great time using the blu stick to attach the crumpled tissue paper to make the “F” and to attach the “F” card to the frame. The stick paints on blue then the glue goes clear, which she was intrigued by.

Bostik fairy craft

The fairies we made with foam triangle bodies, bug stick-on, sequin heads, feather wings, all assembled on small lolly sticks with the foam pads. The frame’s made with average-sized lolly sticks as you can see.

F is for fairy - Bostik craft

A simple craft for a Spring-nearly-Summer afternoon – just what we need at the moment (crafts with a baby around – not so easy it turns out!). You been up to anything crafty?


Make Easter Fridge Magnets

I was really reluctant to plan many Easter activities with Talitha, in case it proved too difficult with Ophelia in these early days. I figured that we could fit something in on the weekend with Laurence around, though, so looked forward to getting crafty with the bits and bobs Bostik sent us for this month’s project.

Bostik Blu Tack glitter pen and glu dots.jpg

I figured we’d make fridge magnets – double the fun as Talitha could play with them afterwards. The challenge was to have fun playing with Bostik Blu Tack glu dots and glitter pen.

Cutting out the chicks for fridge magnets.jpg

First, we lay card paper on a sheet of yellow felt. I drew chick shapes on the card and cut them out of the paper and the felt. We stuck the felt to the card using glu dots.

Chick shapes for fridge magnets.jpg

Talitha decorated the chick with a goggly eye and a foam sticker flower for a wing.

Decorating chick for fridge magnet.jpg

She added a beak with the glitter pen.

Drawing a beak with bostik glitter pen for Easter fridge magnet.jpg

She then stuck pipe cleaner pieces between the card and felt to give the chick feet.

Adding feet to the chick fridge magnet.jpg

Aren’t they sweet? Talitha thinks so.

Easter chick fridge magnets.jpg

She also used foam stickers and Bostik glitter pens to make a flower. It is Spring, after all.

Easter flower fridge magnet.jpg

Then we got down to business making an Easter bunny. I cut a bunny shape out of a sheet of foam for her. Apparently pink means this bunny is a girl. Ah well.

Cut out Easter bunny for fridge magnet.jpg

Again, Talitha decorated the bunny, sticking on eyes, ribbon and buttons using Bostik glu dots and adding a nose and shoes with Bostik glitter pens.

Decorating Easter bunny fridge magnet.jpg

She also made an Easter egg for good measure. I’m not sure she understands what chocolate eggs are yet, though. To make the magnets easier to move around, we stuck wooden clothes pegs to the back and magnets to the pegs. Glu dots did the job for now but I think I’ll reinforce them with the glue gun, actually.

Easter fridge magnets

This was such a fun little project and Talitha gets such a kick out of these magnets that I think we might do this again with another theme.

Make Easter fridge magnets.jpg

What do you think?


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Toilet Roll Easter Bunnies

Here’s a fun little Easter craft Talitha and I did about a week before Ophelia was born. I’d started to find it difficult to motivate myself to do anything much and going out was not really happening either.

Determined to make this happen for us, I laid out all the materials the night before. When she came downstairs, it was like Christmas!

I’ve tried to start talking with her about Easter. Our faith is such an integral and important part of our lives, we want to honour our children by helping them to understand what and why we believe.

While Christmas was relatively easy (Jesus’ birthday), Easter is tricky for obvious reasons but we’re just really matter of fact about what we’re remembering at this time of year. Talitha doesn’t need to get much more than the message that she is loved right now.

To that end, I find all the iconography that’s become attached to Easter rather helpful now that I’m a parent. Rabbits, chicks and chocolate eggs are fun and speak of celebration to a two-year-old. A cross they don’t yet understand, not so much. So, we’re having all of it.

Easter rabbit craft - Beautiful Tribe

I punched holes at one of the toilet roll ends for threading pipe cleaner through to make bunny ears, painted the lot and stuck on eyes and pom poms once the paint dried. Then the finishing touches were added with a permanent marker. Easiest rabbit craft ever.

Make a random chalk wall – Paternity Leave Activity #2

Circus Queen’s husband reporting here on what we did at birth plus three days:

On a whim back in the summer I picked up some black paint to make a chalk wall somewhere in our house. I am not really a DIY person, but as a designer I would love the place to be super cool, but I’m just a bit lazy. So this can of paint has been the cupboard since the heat wave.

Anyhoo, on another whim I decided that at birth plus four days Talitha and I would finally paint a wall. Her Majesty took photos, then went upstairs for a sleep.

I got Talitha kitted up, Adele reminded me to put paper down, oh yeah we’re using black paint!


It’s just black multi-surface emulsion from Homebase. The chalk goes on fine and seems to wipe down okay with a wet rag. I’m sure there is special chalk board paint, but maybe save your money??


A bit of being careful helps, so I used masking tapes for the skirting boards.


Talitha cracked on with the brush. I did all the edges, I hadn’t briefed her in advance of this, so we had one splodge around the corner of one wall, but after I explained about staying in the middle and Daddy does the edges, we started working as a team.


Talitha insisted I wore an apron.


The nice thing about painting just a small wall, as it only takes about 10 minutes. Which is a great little activity on paternity leave. But Talitha wanted to do another wall – and I had been thinking about going up and over anyway.


And now we can draw, write notes reminding us about picking up more milk, practice letters…


… or we can promote the blog.


Oh and chucked the brushes and the roller away, who has time to clean black paint off brushes on paternity leave?