Finding out what kind of cook I am

So, I took this test yesterday which said it would tell me what kind of cook I was. I was pretty sure it was going to come up with: the lazy kind but with aspirations. Although, how lazy can you be when you’re trying to work your way around food intolerances in a British diet traditionally sandwiched with wheat and smothered in dairy? And I do like the odd bit of entertaining, it must be admitted. But there are days when the lead up to supper time is a dark period of despair.

I wasn’t surprised then, when the quiz decided that I was a “Flexi Bex” as in, I can bring out the fancy food when I’m ready but I spend a lot of the time just getting us fed, no fuss. I can go with that. I think I am pretty resourceful – especially when we get to the end of the month with little to nothing in our bank account! The result did make me think I’d like to push myself a bit more in terms of creativity, though. Maybe in the latter quarter of this year when the baby might be starting baby led weaning.

Take it and tell me what you got. I’d love to know. Hoping you’re not going to come back and tell me that with different answers I could have had “Sexy Bex”.

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