Getting ready for Christmas in the Summer

This is going to sound a bit mad but I’ve started turning my thoughts to getting things ready for Christmas. The last minute rush of it all just isn’t for me – too stressful, too expensive and not really what Christmas is about at all.

My mother has always soaked dried fruits in alcohol for Trinidad black cake months in advance. There’s dispute over whether or not this is really necessary but it’s a tradition so ingrained in me that I never feel I’m doing it right if I don’t soak fruits well in advance. So I’m thinking about getting that going either in July or August.

I know some people hit the January sales for next year’s presents. I’ve not done that but I have been picking things up here and there, if I happen to come across a craftsperson’s stall or if I spot a good deal on something.

I also want this Christmas to be a bit more handmade. I do every year, really, but end up giving up on the thought because I only ever remember in November, by which time it’s too late. So, I’m thinking that getting started in July gives me more of a chance of making it happen.

Hand in hand with that, I’m pinning stuff to my Christmas and Winter board on Pinterest all the time. Complete with humming “Hark the Herald Angels Sing” to myself, which feels especially odd on a hot day like today!

Follow Adele’s board Christmas & Winter on Pinterest.

It’s interesting to think that this year’s Christmas trees are growing right now, being lovingly looked after. Last year we had a Pines and Needles tree which we were very pleased with and we’ll be reviewing another this year. Pines and Needles plant, grow, harvest and sell their own trees. It’s amazing to think of the care that goes into each tree through pruning and bud-rubbing to nurture it into the perfect shape.

Pines and Needles are offering Circus Queen readers a “halfway to Christmas” code. Book your Christmas tree between now and July 25th using the code “CIRCHW2C15” and you’ll get 10% off, a free 10″ decorated wreath, free holly, free mistletoe and a free mini tree.

After July 25th, book using “CIRC15” and you’ll get a free 10″ decorated wreath, free holly, free mistletoe and free mini tree.

Have you started making any Christmas preparations yet? Please say you have…