Love’s new language

Last week I had to write down a series of “feeling” words which described my breastfeeding experience. They were for a course I’m taking to become a breastfeeding peer supporter. As I wrote them down, I realised that their scope reached well beyond this single aspect of the last few months.

Each word on its own seems either negative or positive, something to empathise or rejoice with. Together, they become something altogether different. I haven’t journeyed from one end of this list to another.

I feel almost all these emotions every day. Sometimes I experience many of them at the same time and cannot really differentiate between them.

Worry Excitement Longing
Determination Unwillingness Frustration
Inadequacy Confusion Boredom
Entrapment Stress Survival mode
Guilt Self-pity Self-hatred
Directionless anger Desire
Obsession Desperation Love
Dedication Focus Acceptance
Power Affection Peace

Even as I reproduce these words here, I see what they’ve, only together, become. This is the code that redefines me every day, whether or not I understand or recognise it. This is the language of love.

What’s on your list?

Image: Laurence Jarrett-Kerr