Make a Valentine’s Day Wreath with Pom Poms

We seem to have gone, um, a little pom pom mad over here! I know it’s a weird thing to become obsessed with but there you go. First, we made a Christmas kissing ball with pom poms made solely with our big and little fair hands. Then my mother-in-law picked me up a couple of pom pom makers! Some time drooling over Pinterest (I’ve actually set up a pom pom inspiration Board!) and more had to be made. The day of love is next week so let’s get a little heart happy.

First off, how to make the pom poms. I thought this video was great for explaining how to use a Clover pom pom maker.

Pom poms made, we next needed a frame. I took an old wire hanger and twisted it into the shape of a heart.

Twist coat hanger for wreath shape

In retrospect, what I should have done was wrap old fabric scraps around it to bulk it out and create a bigger surface area for gluing on our pom poms. Instead we stuck the pom poms directly onto the wire which made it a little more tricky.

Twist ribbon around to hold everything in place

I ended up needing to wrap a ribbon around the whole thing to secure the pom poms a bit more. Not such a bad move, actually. I decided the use the Bostik all-purpose glue I mentioned a couple of weeks ago in my Valentine’s crafts with a toddler post, mainly because I wanted to see if it would work. It does.

Then I added a red ribbon to tie in the look and to save us from pinkness overwhelm.

Valentine's Day wreath

It’s simple but sweet. I like having different wreaths for our doorway and creating all these little celebratory rituals with my daughter throughout the year. She loves pointing it out as we come and go.