Should a blog have a niche?

I’m breaking my own rules by blogging about blogging. It feels a little weird, like a writer writing a book about, well, a writer. It’s vaguely self-conscious. Well, hey, I figure you read this blog so whom better to discuss this question with?

Circus Queen has been a parenting blog from the start (in a way). I began it at a time when I was pregnant and my freelance work was slow. I wanted a space to explore this miraculous experience of growing another human being and to keep sharpening my writing.

Then, when Talitha was born and taught me to parent with instinct, attachment and gentleness (ie she never wanted me to put her down) it became a lot about chatting about this newfound passion for a conscious style of parenting.

My own breastfeeding difficulties made me want to help other women at this vulnerable stage in their lives and so, alongside volunteering as a breastfeeding peer supporter, I naturally have blogged a fair bit about breastfeeding – more than a fair bit, maybe!

And it’s not that anything’s wrong with any of that. I think it’s all important stuff to talk about and I really enjoy it. I love talking slings and things. It seems you do too because I always get higher traffic on days when I blog about something related to “natural parenting”.

Still, I’m starting to feel myself strain at the edges of these self-imposed confines. I’m discovering that I want to blog about interests that have little to do with parenting or even with the home. I’m held back by the thought that these things don’t fit…but then they do in my life so why not on this space?

What are your thoughts as blog readers or perhaps even as bloggers? Should a blog have a niche?