Six things crawling brought into our lives

Talitha started crawling at eight and a half months. In the last month and a half, crawling has brought us…

1. A redefinition of Baby Led Weaning

“What’s that in your mouth, Talitha?” is our home’s latest catchphrase. I’m discovering that no matter how often you sweep, hoover or mop (not that I do nearly enough of these anyway) a crawling baby will find something disgusting to snack on. Just tell me paper is an acceptable food group.

2. An unparalleled level of destruction

I have always been messy. Now that Talitha has combined the art of crawling with the passion of emptying bags and boxes, I flat give up.

3. A new hierarchy in our home

Talitha is delighted with the cats. She often scuttles across the kitchen floor after Bojangles. At least once every day they have a face off through the cat flap. I’m trying to teach her the meaning of “gently” but I think they’re still less than impressed with her attention.

4. No more cuddly lying down feeds

It’s as if her body is programmed to meet any surface with an automated reaction: flip and crawl. No matter how tired or hungry, unless it’s the middle of the night, she will unlatch and proceed to climb me. Sometimes she then remembers what she was doing and lunges for the breast, continuing to crawl while trying to get a suck in.

5. Danger

Everything in our home is either dangerous or in danger. Even where it’s baby-proofed (sort of) there have been so many more bumps and falls than I could ever imagine. I regularly find myself telling her “Oh-oh, yuh bonx yuh head?” It’s so Trini that I must have heard this phrase a lot as a child (probably spoken to my brother) and be drawing on that early memory.

6. Fun unforeseeable

Yes, yes, lots of people said to enjoy her immobility and I’ve told others that as well but it IS more fun when they can crawl. It’s exciting seeing how busy she is. Every moment she’s off discovering something new. Then she crawls back, tugs at my jeans and signs for me to pick her up. We are in this together.