ERGObaby rain cover (review)

We bought the ERGObaby Performance edition last Christmas just before flying out to Trinidad. I begged to have it as my Christmas present. Laurence called me boring but it’s been one of the most useful bits of baby kit we’ve owned. It’s practically an extension of us.

I’ve been getting more into wrapping recently but having a quality structured carrier has been worth far more than what we spent on it. At any rate, Laurence is unwilling to wrap, preferring the ease and buckles of the ERGO. That’s fine. I appreciate his honesty and the fact that he’ll wear her is enough. (I did a very basic comparison of the ERGO versus the Stochenwiege woven wrap months ago, if you’re trying to decide which is for you.)

Anyway, I’ve got masses of use out of the ERGO because I don’t like either of the pushchairs we own. I’ve also just got on really well with babywearing in general. Talitha and I both really like the closeness it affords us. It allows her to get a better view of the world with the continued security of facing me. When I put her on my back, she gets to see where we’re going too. The ERGO has given us such an easy and comfortable way of finding this freedom together.

The problem & solution

That said, I’ve found dealing with rainy weather a bit stressful. When Talitha was a young baby, I would simply wear one of Laurence’s rain jackets and tuck her in it. An umbrella did the rest. It was plain unflattering and uncomfortable and I won’t do it anymore. She also won’t fit inside the jacket – she’s kind of grown.

This year, we haven’t got that problem. ERGObaby sent me a rain cover to see if that would solve it. I’m actually quite impressed. We’ve gone out with the navy blue water resistant ERGObaby rain cover a fair few times now and it really does the trick. No more worrying about little feet catching the drizzle.
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Travel with baby: surviving a transatlantic flight

Scared to fly with a baby

A week ago I did something I’d sworn I’d never do again – take a baby on a plane. On my own. I didn’t even blog about the last time I did it, when she was six months old, because it really was that awful. At fourteen months it could only be worse.

OK, no, I take that back. It could have been much worse the time before. She didn’t cry the whole way but she was on the verge a lot of the time. I spent most of that flight standing in the exit, trying to jig her to sleep in the Ergo to no avail. Nineteen hours door to door and that child slept FORTY-FIVE minutes! And not even all at once! Post-traumatic stress courses through my body at the memory.

Anyway, my fear of flying with a baby who could now move grew palpable as the day approached. I asked friends who were more experienced parents for advice. I repeatedly scanned the internet with variations of the search term “flying long haul with a mobile baby”. I asked my mother to pray. I half-jokingly begged Laurence to leave his job and fly with me. I questioned my sanity.
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Babywearing addict tries theBabaSling

When I bought my first baby sling the salesperson recommended it on the basis that I was planning to get into babywearing “seriously”. She neglected to tell me that the thing about slings is this: once you’ve mastered one, you want to try them all.

So, with a stretchy and a woven wrap both securely part of our lives, I was excited to give an altogether different kind of baby carrier a go. Enter theBabaSling – a hammock style carrier and the newest addition to my addiction.
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Our babywearing journey so far

When I heard that this week was International Babywearing Week, my first thought was that some people take pieces of cloth a little too seriously. A public awareness week for slings, carriers and such things? Really?

But actually, I can’t believe how passionate I’ve become about the subject myself. What began as a mode of transport has become a lifestyle for Talitha and me. She has, quite literally, attached herself to me.

Back in April I asked for a woven wrap for my birthday merely as an alternative to the pram. When it arrived, a gift from my parents, I admired its beauty then put it aside and, characteristically, forgot all about it.

Then my tiny baby arrived. And needed to be held. All. The. Time. Like, seriously.

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No tummy time, Mummy

My daughter hates tummy time. I know, I should probably be a good mother and push her to achieve her developmental goals.

But you know what? Life is too short for those ten minutes she’s supposed to be on her tummy.

For a start, when is this tummy time supposed to happen? She’s never awake for more than two or three hours and she spends about an hour of that feeding. See where I’m going with this? Tummy time equals baby puke. Not worth it.
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The baby who sucked and sucked and sucked

“We get so many women in here who have trouble getting their babies to latch,” said one of the assistants in Born on the Gloucester Road, “but I’ve not seen a baby refuse to do the opposite.” Well, at least we’re broadening some horizons.

Remember when I talked about how much I love breastfeeding my tiny daughter despite our issues of oversupply? That appeared to be the difficulty when Talitha would wake up every 20 minutes, sucking everything and everyone in sight, sticking her fists in her mouth, rooting around and screaming for the boob.

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