The pregnancy test

No, we’re not trying.

Now wouldn’t be a good time. I’m on domperidone for two or three more months to keep my milk supply up and though the research on its effects on a fetus are not conclusive, I’m not willing to take the risk. That’s why I’m testing though, just in case I catch an early positive so I’d stop taking it.

So why was I a little disappointed with the negative result?

Maybe I’m getting into the swing of things with Talitha and life has become a lot easier. So I’m free to daydream a bit about having a second child.

Maybe it’s because it’s easier to think baby when you’re in the baby phase.

Maybe I just want to complete our family and get all the nappies and broken nights done with in one go.

Maybe I’m surrounded by too many pregnant announcements and being offered to hold too many newborns.

Maybe I enjoy having a small age gap between my brother and me and can see that much wider one is likely between my two.

Maybe I’m overly optimistic.

Maybe I’m crazy?