The stay at home nappy challenge

So I finally got a day at home with the baby to try out the Bambino Mio all-in-one nappy, the Miosolo. And what a day.

After a night of literally waking up over and over again, Talitha woke up bawling and pretty much did that all day long.

OK, not really, but it felt like it. There were so few moments of her just being content whether it was held by me, on my lap, at the breast, on her own, at my feet, I only had a few minutes at a time before the wailing began.

At first I thought, “Ok, now the separation anxiety has kicked off in earnest.” But literally no matter how close or far we were, we got nowhere.

Oh no. I finally broke the baby.

So I stuck her in the Ergo to feel like I was doing something proactive, singing and talking while picking up the house. Which kind of helped, kind of didn’t.

Did I also mention I was recovering from my journey to the underworld fever?

I’m just saying that yesterday I really and truly could not be bothered with any fiddly nappy changing blah and the Miosolo suited me just fine.

Slap it on the screaming baby, think happy thoughts, inner peace, inner peace! God give me strength, patience, something!

I think she was pretty glad to get it over with quickly too. No three-part deal. Just on and up.

I’m grateful it didn’t then go and leak. I think if I’d had to change all her clothes I may have actually kicked myself in the skull.

I did take a moment to admire the colour though. No sickly blue or fragile pink so characteristic of all products baby. It was a real colour – a gentle, happy colour. They call it “parma violet”.

Tonight her cheeks and chin explained the problem by matching the bright pinkish “cola cube” nappy from the day before.

Teething I presume? Teething advice and commiseration welcome. Nappy comments too, of course.