This is the way the toddler shops

I have lots of fond memories of shopping with my mother (a lot of boring ones too, mind). In fact, I think my father was a bit scandalised to hear that we do most of our food shopping – wait for it – online. Oh no, Talitha will grow up without knowing her food comes from…a supermarket?

Still, I like popping into Boots. It tends to be a short enough shopping trip for neither of us to lose it in the process. There’s also something a bit weird about buying mascara without handling it. Surely the shape of the bottle is a reliable indicator of how much it’s going to lengthen my lashes?

Our local Boots knows me well as the babywearing mum. In fact, they’re really surprised whenever I drop by with a buggy and tell me so. Even more so if the buggy’s empty and I’m wearing the tamtruming toddler who won’t get back in it. Not that this ever happens, so proactive am I in my parenting. Of course, if we were to hypothetically say this happened, oh, four months ago, they were very sympathetic about it.

Because any shopping trip with a toddler has the potential for a few thousand things to go wrong, I’ve found it really helps to go in with a plan. So, our pharmacy shop generally entails a “One for Mummy, One for Baby” approach. Beauty for me, Baby for her. If we’re not in a rush, I’ll even let her “help” me carry the basket and she can put her items in it.

Sometimes waiting is not an option, though.

Sometimes she gets what’s for mummy and what’s for baby mixed up.

Sometimes walking goes out of vogue.

And then the contraceptive aisle looks tempting. Or at least the paracetamol.

Seriously, though, getting down on her level is usually a good idea.

We’re learning lots in the simple process of going to the pharmacy. It can’t have been so bad, anyway, seeing as I Google-plussed it up in photos after.

It’s strange to think she’s going to remember me taking her on these little outings the way I remember walking through Sunday market or going to the mall with my mum.

Any tips for shopping trips with a toddler? (Laurence’s tip is to “lock” his fingers around her hand so she can’t escape his grip. There’s a real science behind it, he theorises, with two forefingers in front and two backfingers behind. How’s that for ending on a technical note?)

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