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I’ve been looking for a periodic table of elements for our playroom for a good while now. That might seem an odd quest to some but ever since reading an article that suggested it was no less abstract or less valuable than a world map, I’ve had it in mind that we should get one. I love the idea of my kids growing up with it as something intriguing and inviting rather than encountering it later as something alien and perhaps threatening.

So when Posterlounge invited me to review their products, I was delighted that their website offered a periodic table and, better yet, that it could be printed on wood. This means it’s less likely to fade into the background as just another educational poster or print out but instead naturally catches the eye. It’s also an object that can be handled, which we’ll certainly be doing when taking a closer look at chemistry. In fact, when it arrived, Talitha began asking all kinds of questions about it right away. What did the colours mean? Where were the elements she knew? Why were they arranged that way? I realise I have a lot of reacquainting and fresh learning to do alongside her but I love that she already finds it exciting rather than prohibitive.

In fact, I decided to get all the posters printed on wood, feeling that our learning spaces should be as beautiful as any other part of our home. In fact, we don’t demarcate either. We don’t do school at home so it all flows together and our wall art should reflect this. So, since the moon and space are always points of interest for the girls, I chose a lunar phases poster and a solar system poster. Then, continuing the knowledge theme, Laurence chose this geometrical formulas poster. I must admit that first sight of it made me slightly shut down, dredging up horrific memories of secondary school maths. But again, the kids’ curiosity was piqued and I was grateful that they see maths and science as opportunities to explore. I hope we can help keep that enthusiasm alive for them, even if in simple ways like our choice of posters for their walls.

Posterlounge has a huge variety to choose from. In fact I almost chose a Frida Kahlo as both girls find her fascinating or a few prints for artist study like Van Gogh’s Starry Night. I also had in mind that they might enjoy working on some colouring posters together. Prints can be bought on canvas, acrylic, wood, aluminium and foam board and there’s a great range in terms of price.

The finished product is of far higher quality than I expected. The printing is clear and the wood is beautiful, wonderfully bringing up the colours of the ink. In my opinion, the images on their website don’t quite do them justice. I really feel these posters make this space and I’d be happy to look at Posterlounge again if I wanted something for another room.

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