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Talitha and I have been loving watching Shaun the Sheep™ Shear Heat. It’s a series of ten short episodes of the well-loved British animation from the creators of Wallace and Gromit. It’s only just been released on DVD on July 21st.

Ophelia’s been enjoying watching us, probably curious about her three-year-old sister’s full-throated laughter. Shaun definitely hits a note with Talitha’s sense of humour.

There’s lots for me as an adult to appreciate. The detail that’s gone into this claymation surprises and delights, as usual.

It’s definitely pitched at a young child’s level, though. Common Sense Media rates it at age five, which feels about right. I tend to find that entertainment up to five is a good match for Talitha. She’s very sensitive to any sort of peril.

There were a couple of moments in the series where I needed to talk her through what was happening. Once when it looks like a man is coming after Shaun but he’s actually about to fix the farmer’s tractor then again when a grumpy bull is chasing the mischievous sheep.

Mind, I really don’t think most children would get antsy about these scenes but she gets very concerned about even mild danger so if you have a child who reacts similarly, it’s worth bearing in mind.

This didn’t mar her enjoyment of the DVD at all. In fact, she’s been chatting about it ever since. She wanted to know the names of the characters, so we looked them up online. She kept repeating that the dog was called Bitzer, so she’d remember it. She named the bull Frank – I guess so he’d be less scary.

Hilariously, she’s decided she wants Shaun to be a three-year-old girl sheep and for baby sheep Timmy to be Shaun’s baby sister! That must be the stamp of approval for Shaun the Sheep™ then!

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Here’s the company blurb to clearer idea of what you’re in with a chance to win:

“From Aardman, the acclaimed creators of Wallace & Gromit, Shaun the Sheep™ Shear Heat follows Shaun and his pals as they get up to yet more mischief! Comprising of ten short episodes, viewers are welcomed back to Mossy Bottom Farm to follow Shaun, Bitzer and the rest of the gang as they embark on a series of fun-filled adventures. Including hilarious episodes such as Shaun the Fugitive, Bull Vs Wool and The Hang Glider, this animated series will keep the kids laughing all summer. As well as a range of exciting behind-the-scenes features, the DVD also includes the teaser trailer for Shaun the Sheep™ The Movie , which is being released on February 6th 2015, and an in-pack colouring sheet. Be sure to join in the fun this summer as Shaun the Sheep – Shear Heat OUT NOW on DVD.”

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